My path to achieve the greatest Linux desktop ever or… random IT stuff

The (heavy) Beauty and the (light) Beast


My current desktop with Arch and KDE

So… what happened? Well, I still have my XFCE and I really love it still but I wanted to try KDE, because it’s said to be the most beautiful and one of the best really…

Well it’s indeed beautiful and practical… just a bit too heavy for my netbook :s

Had to disable Nepomunk so my PC wouldn’t use Swap as soon as I started it :s (Yeah, I know that I only have 1GB of Ram but I still think that’s too much – my XFCE only consumed about 200MB of Ram when it started).

I’ll still try KDE out for the next few days (only installed it last night) but I’ll probably get rid of the Beauty (KDE) and go back to the Beast (XFCE – which isn’t actually a beast really but it’s not as pretty).




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