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Arch/ Openbox – setting default applications

So… I really like Openbox but one of my initial problems was opening stuff in Chromium – it would open in Firefox and I was like “what the hell? o_o”..

After searching for a bit, I found the solution, which I will now share with who is interested – this not only allows to choose the application in which files will open in Chromium, but it will also allow you to set the default application to always open that kind of file.

So let’s see more action, less talk.

1. Install the package perl-file-mimeinfo from the repositories

Open terminal and write

sudo pacman -S perl-file-mimeinfo

2. In terminal, invoke the mimeopen command like this:

mimeopen -d /path/to/file


3. You’ll be asked which application you wish to use to open that kind of file.


4. Either select the number corresponding to one of the apps listed or pick the last number – other – and insert the command you want. The command is usually just the name of the program you want – I could’ve typed just “sonata” (without the “) for example, and my mp3 files would open with sonata.


Hope this helped ^^ If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll answer :3



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