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Current Openbox and future plans~

So this is what my Arch/ Openbox combo looks like currently

Nothing special here, just installed Faenza icons, changed the color on my tint2 bar and changed wallpaper…

Anyways, on another note – my future plans…

I like having Arch/Openbox and a Ubuntu based distro in case something doesn’t work on Arch and I’m in a hurry…

So, as you may know – I currently have Arch and elementary on Dual Boot…

But elementary isn’t really perfect – although I like it, I’d like to see other options…

And that’s what I’m going to be doing – I’m going to install several Ubuntu based distros (one at a time) and see which fits my needs best – and I’m going to review each distro too…

That way, newcomers may find it easier to find something which fits their needs ^^

And I’m going to be providing the best looking screenshots I can achieve – that way, new people (or even current Linux users) won’t be turned off by the apparent uglyness of the distro, focusing on their needs instead..

I’m also thinking of doing a review on several Window Managers (like KDE, Gnome, Openbox, XFCE…) so people will be able to choose what fits their needs best too..

And that’s it – expect a lot from the future here ^^





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