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Linux Audio Editing ~ Ardour and Audacity

Ardour on elementary OS

Audacity running on Arch/ Gnome 3

So… as you may know (or not) I’m a lead singer in a metal band, and I’m also in charge of recording and editing our rehearsals every week.

I usually use Audacity but yesterday I got mad at it – I was trying to record my voice on top of an instrumental of one of our songs but each time Audacity would tell me the time wasn’t synched due to latency (something along those lines) and wouldn’t let me do it. When I got a way around it, don’t really know how, it’d only record like… 1~2 seconds of my voice and then it’d stop automatically and wouldn’t keep going x.x

So I decided to look for alternatives and found the beautiful Ardour. I just can’t get it to start on Arch (probably due to JACK and not really ardour – still trying to figure this whole thing out) so I tested it on elementary OS.

I haven’t really tried it out yet so I don’t know its full potencial but I must say it feels kind of incomplete compared to Audacity as far as editing goes (but it could just be because I haven’t found everything and haven’t really worked with the tools).

A down side for Ardour it’s also its incapacity to import and/or export mp3 files. That’s a big down for me but I figure I can easily solve it with Audacity.

All in all they complete each other and I think I’m going to work with them both – Ardour for recording and synching tracks and Audacity for editing and exporting mp3 files.

elementary OS Jupiter :)

elementary OS Jupiter

I swear I haven’t forgotten you guys I just didn’t really change anything during vacations…