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Android 2.3.3 and HTC Sense 2.1

So, here’s my new aquisition – an HTC Desire Z with HTC Sense.

It’s like the best cellphone ever. It’s a buy I’m sure I’ll never regret (specially because it was my parents’ birthday present for me xD).

So, let’s talk about the look…

Here’s my main page. I’ve got a pink doll (it’s a widget called Alice Battery) which disappears along the battery, meaning, if I’ve got full battery the doll appears with eyes and mouth and all that. As the battery drains, her body begins to disappear and eventually only leaves her feet and legs. This widget is quite useful as it allows me to know the battery level easily and it’s cute too.

Then I’ve got a button for changing sound profiles so that the phone turns silent when I want it to, easily.

On the left side there’s a pic of me and my boyfriend so I can stare at it and smile when I see it :)

And then, my clock which knows where I am and tells me the weather as well as the time and date ^^

Finally, my background.. It’s an interactive background called Pockets that I downloaded from Android Market and it’s a cute pet with which I can play with.. The background also changes along the day, turning dark when it’s night and light during the day..

As for the pet…