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Linux vs Hybrid GPUs (0-1)


Windows 10 with Rainmeter

So, I fought with a few linux distros (Arch, Debian, Linux Mint, Antergos, Manjaro, Ubuntu) and they just didn’t like my laptop’s hybrid GPU. Linux Mint was actually the only one that gave me anything resembling a desktop after install, but the resolution was all wrong.

Installing bumblebee and bumblebee-nvidia should have solved it but it only made it worse. I’ll be going back to trying to solve this in the future when I have more time. For now, I need my laptop fully functional for classes so I can’t afford to mess around too much. Hence, I reinstalled Windows, much to my displeasure.

I don’t really have anything against Windows per se, mind you, I’m just a big fan of linux and wanted to go back to it. Still want to. I’ll probably mess around on VMs first, this time, and see if it leads anywhere.

Piece of advice for people with hybrid GPUs – careful when installing a linux distro. It appears to hate NVIDIA-Intel combos. Probably because of the nouveau (open source) drivers, which seem to not work as well as the official NVIDIA ones. I’m saying this but I couldn’t get it to work with either though :’) There are tons of people with similar problems and completely different solutions. I intend to solve it somehow and when I do, I’ll share it with you guys – it’ll probably be a bit of everything.

For future reference, my laptop is an ASUS 552VX with an integrated GPU from Intel (Intel HD Graphics 530) and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M. I’ll be letting you guys know as soon as I manage to get any linux distro installed and running here :)




Current Openbox and future plans~

So this is what my Arch/ Openbox combo looks like currently

Nothing special here, just installed Faenza icons, changed the color on my tint2 bar and changed wallpaper…

Anyways, on another note – my future plans…


Android 2.3.3 and HTC Sense 2.1

So, here’s my new aquisition – an HTC Desire Z with HTC Sense.

It’s like the best cellphone ever. It’s a buy I’m sure I’ll never regret (specially because it was my parents’ birthday present for me xD).

So, let’s talk about the look…

Here’s my main page. I’ve got a pink doll (it’s a widget called Alice Battery) which disappears along the battery, meaning, if I’ve got full battery the doll appears with eyes and mouth and all that. As the battery drains, her body begins to disappear and eventually only leaves her feet and legs. This widget is quite useful as it allows me to know the battery level easily and it’s cute too.

Then I’ve got a button for changing sound profiles so that the phone turns silent when I want it to, easily.

On the left side there’s a pic of me and my boyfriend so I can stare at it and smile when I see it :)

And then, my clock which knows where I am and tells me the weather as well as the time and date ^^

Finally, my background.. It’s an interactive background called Pockets that I downloaded from Android Market and it’s a cute pet with which I can play with.. The background also changes along the day, turning dark when it’s night and light during the day..

As for the pet…


Linux Mint ~ Light and Easy

Linux Mint 11 on my desktop at home

Yeah I know, I’ve got like a hundred Linux distros in each of my computers, but what can I do, I’m just looking for the right one…

Anyways, I’m here to talk a bit about Linux Mint – while I haven’t had the chance to really try it out yet, I can say it’s pretty good really. Feels lighter than Ubuntu while still with everything configured (well it IS based on Ubuntu afterall).

It’s pretty good actually, don’t remember why I never brought it up here… :s

Other than being awesome, it’s got something which I really like and that I haven’t seen on any other distro – instead of a forum for people to ask stuff, it’s got an irc client in which the default room is linux mint’s so that anyone can ask something and have an answer shortly after :)

I remember saying that Kubuntu would probably be the best choice for newcomers, but for those who don’t have 2GB Ram, Linux Mint is a pretty good option – the bar is at the bottom as well, I just moved it up on my Desktop to be more… Linux-like :’)

Well, I’ll write more once I’ve used Linux Mint after a few days/ weeks ^^