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Colorful Shine ~ complete

An example of how a page looks like

So, I’m finally done with this template (I may improve it somehow, if I do that, I’ll update it with a new post).

You may download it here – it’s got the fonts inside the folder so you don’t have to search for them.

If you need anything, just ask :)


LibreOffice Impress colorful template

An idea of how the template looks like

So, as I was thinking of better ways to make presentations to impress my college buddies (and the teachers as well), I remembered that I made my own template last year in Anatomy and I liked it very much. So I decided to do the same again this year – creating my own template (this time with far more work put into it).

To be honest, I only made what you see in the image above – haven’t thought of how the rest of the presentation will be. Still, it’s a start that I wanted to share with all of you.

I’ll leave the xcf file here so you can edit the image in GIMP and maybe do a derivation of this.

Font was downloaded off of Google Web Fonts and it’s called “gruppo”

New look and weird classes ~

So my KDE now has a new darker look which I think looks nicer ^^

Also my desktop has a little detail that I really like – can you see Amarok’s wolf near the moon? It looks like it’s howling at it even though that wasn’t my objective when I put it there xD

On another thing my “normal” nursing classes are over – I now have two weeks with an optional class: Communication and Information Technologies in Nursing (hope I translated that right).

So basically what we’re supposed to learn is searching for Nursing stuff and making a website.

My boyfriend and his friends who are in Computing told me that, coming from my college, it had to be making a blog. I laughed at them, but hoping they were wrong inside…

When I started the class today, the professor told us that we wouldn’t be using any special software to make the website. And I was like “NO DREAMWEAVER, YAAAY! WE’RE GONNA BE MAKING THIS ON A NOTEPAD, HELL YEAH!!!”….. But such wasn’t the case x.x

We’re gonna be making a website in…